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Here’s what we do:

We design, build, and support custom, mobile-friendly websites and web applications.
We’re happy to work in any or all phases of your project, from planning to execution. :-)

Planning and Design-Intensive Consultation

Hire us to help you discover your needs and develop detailed specifications and a roadmap to a solution. This may include content and marketing strategy, planning for workflow changes and training needs, or other critical considerations that are easy to overlook.

$1,000 minimum
1 week

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Full Site Design and Development

Hire us to take you from an initial consultation through the planning, prototyping, development and launch of a custom, mobile-friendly website built to your specifications. We do project-based pricing, but we will also work in sprints to take on projects that may start small but are built out progressively over time as your budget allows.

10-12 weeks

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Managed Hosting and Support

The most valuable service we offer is reliable hosting and ongoing support for your software — and for you too! We help you sustain and grow your online assets so the shine never wears off.

Starts at $500/year
Price varies based on needs and usage.

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Top WordPress Developers (2014)

Top Web Designers and Developers (2015)

Minneapolis and Minnesota

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We’ll always have your back.

“New Local Media worked with us to build our website from the ground up, delivering a site tailored to our unique needs. Dan is ridiculously supportive, and he provides helpful insight and creative solutions to any challenges. I recommend Dan to anyone in need of a developer. You would be hard-pressed to find someone as knowledgeable, trustworthy, and supportive.”

David Lischka, Director of Marketing, Solaris, Inc.
Performance Hosting

Stability and Speed

Whether you need a little hosting or a lot, we’ll make sure it’s reliable and fast. We provide managed hosting and personalized technical support at the level you need.

Open Source Platform Leaders

Leading Platforms

We have worked with the leading open source CMS and eCommerce platforms — WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento — since their earliest releases.


Peace of Mind

Be done with the stress of maintaining design code and software as your site ages. Get complex upgrades, migrations, backups and security off your plate.

“New Local Media provided a practically turn-key website solution for the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County. Dan was extremely responsive during the creative process and has continued to be extremely supportive and responsive. Additionally, Dan has been very conscientious and proactive about making sure that the site has been secure and fully functional. He has surpassed my expectations in this regard. Working with Dan has been a very rewarding and productive experience.”

Greg Walz-Chojnacki, Alderman, City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Here’s some of the work we’ve done.

Find more representative projects and case studies with endorsements from our clients at LinkedIn, Clutch, and Behance.

Solaris Inc.


Long-term development and support for CMS, CRM, eCommerce and blogging platforms for a growing Inc.500 manufacturer.

Solidarity Hall Design Draft

Solidarity Hall

Building a brand and planning editorial workflows for a webzine/thinkerspace with WordPress.

“New Local Media was able to translate our project concepts and values into a simple user-friendly web interface with solid functionality.”

Juli Kaufmann, President, Fix Development

Need work done but don’t know where to start? Just give us a ring or shoot us an email.

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The Cornucopia

The Cornucopia

Development and marketing for a small farm with a community supported agriculture membership program.

in All things

in All things

Creating and supporting the growth of an online magazine for a small college.



Creating and supporting an academic center's online publication.

“Dan has been the wizard behind our (web) curtain for years. He is beyond knowledgeable, on the cutting edge, and always gets the job done. Oftentimes, he gets things fixed before we even know there was any issue. He has been invaluable to us.”

Christian Picciolini, Co-Founder at Life After Hate, Author of Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead, CEO of Goldmill Group

Northwest Side CDC

Iterative development and technical support for an urban community development non-profit organization since 2008.

ACTS Housing

ACTS Housing

Ongoing development with technical and marketing support for an urban housing non-profit organization since 2006.

It's just the two of us.

Dan Knauss

Planning, design and development

“I like to build tools that people have fun using, that help them do great work, and are as simple to use and maintain as possible. I try to give clients the mix of independence and backing that's best for them.”

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Sonya Jongsma Knauss

Marketing, communications and the back office

“You have a message, and you have an audience you want to reach. I can help you get the most value out of your communication efforts by finding the right questions to ask — and their answers.”

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People who’ve worked with us say...

“Dan was hired to consult for my employer on an eCommerce project. Within a very short timetable, he provided expert services within budget and on-time. He is at the top of my list for any other similar projects in the future.”

Keith Murphy, Director for Web Services at Medical College of Wisconsin

“I hired Dan to design and implement a new updated and more functional website for the Southeast Wisconsin Chapter of the International Facility Management Association. [Dan] delivered a superb product. He has also been instrumental in suggesting new products for us to try and assisting us in maintaining the website. Dan knows his craft and is truly an expert in his field.”

Susan Bunker, CFM, FMP, LEED Green Associate, SEW IFMA

“New Local Media built the website for the Northwest Side CDC and continues to assist in management and upgrades... He is an excellent provider and I would recommend him to anyone looking to build a new website or refresh a stale site.”

Sam McGovern-Rowen, Director - CDFI Fund, NWSCDC

“Sonya is bright, creative and energetic. At any given time, she always has at least a dozen ideas for how to improve the product or process. She is an ideas machine. Sonya also is quick to analyze a problem and find a solution. She is the ultimate self-starter.”

“Great work requires there are things we will not do.”

We find that care and craftsmanship don’t scale well, but creativity arises from limitation. Work is most enjoyable if there’s not too much of it, and the results of our work are better when we can focus on one person, one project, one problem at a time. This is why we maintain a small pool of long-term clients and say “no” a lot. Less really is more. We try to build things that follow the same principles, striving for simplicity and sustainability. We also don’t outsource or subcontract. We may recommend or hire — with your approval — trusted partners with special expertise to benefit your project.

New Local Media

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