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WordPress scales to serve billions of pageviews a month as it does for sites like Facebook’s Newsroom and CNN. Host millions of websites with the built-in multisite feature on a single install.

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One Platform, Many Possibilities

Need an online store or the ability to integrate with other apps and data? With 10,000+ themes, 40,000+ plugins, and robust APIs, WordPress can be exactly what you need it to be.

Hi, I'm Dan.

I design, build, and support custom, mobile-friendly WordPress websites and web applications.I'm happy to work in any or all phases of your project, from planning to execution.

I work closely with select clients, solving problems that technology or design can address and helping them advance their business and organizational goals. Small to mid-sized companies that have outgrown their existing technology and often their hosting capabilities but lack the staff or technical resources to cope are an especially good fit.On every project, my goal is to help people extend their ability to contribute meaningfully in their market, field, or community. I try to put the brakes on thoughtless creation of new needs and dependencies. Cluttered systems that aren't simple and fun to use are the ones I avoid. Through hands-on coaching, I try to give clients the mix of independence and backing that's best for them.

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On the strength of in-depth, independent interviews with my happy clients, has consistently ranked me among the "best" WordPress freelancers, managed service providers, web designers, developers, and consultants in Canada and the United States.

TBH, there are a lot of great people doing outstanding work with WordPress, and we all try our best. 🙃

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